Preaching at Easter comes with great expectations and pressure. From heightened distractions to evangelism letdowns, pastors face obstacles in keeping people’s attention on the risen Jesus.

This three-part video series draws on years of Easter preaching experience to offer practical strategies to help pastors prepare spiritually, craft compelling sermons, and follow up purposefully.

Learn how to enjoy Jesus in front of everyone who attends Easter Sunday, amidst the pressures, delivering a message that is evangelical, truthful, graceful, and compelling. Decide on your target audience and sermon approach. Avoid common pitfalls and enjoy rather than endure this opportunity. Involve baptisms and testimony. Thank volunteers and follow up with guests. Sustain momentum after Easter’s over.

There isn’t one way to preach a compelling Easter message, but this three part video series will walk you through a way you can preach your best Easter sermon this year, and for many more years to come! Discover how the investment in your sermon preparation and preaching delivery can translate into life-change and a healthier, growing church. With the right preparation, your preaching can surprise people with the risen Jesus’ significance.

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